Frequent Questions


Simply visit the View Open Positions section of our website and apply to a specific job, or Submit Your Resume and we will contact you when jobs matching your skill sets become available in your area.
Feel free to reach out to us at any time. If your background and experience match a current search, a member of our team will be contacting you. However, if your employment status changes, you have a question, or want to discuss other information, please Contact Us.
It costs you nothing to utilizeMetalJobs Network in your job search and career advancement strategy. Our fees are always paid by client companies, and there is never any cost to candidates.
One important aspect in our twenty plus years of success is that we understand and respect the confidentiality of both your personal and employment information.
Being well prepared for an interview often makes the difference in getting an offer or being passed over. We will always provide clear input about the company, the position, and other vital information as you prepare for your interview. If desired, one of our senior recruiters will schedule a one-on-one conversation to help you prepare for interviewing.
Most companies have a relocation plan. The extent of coverage varies widely from one company to the next. Some companies have extensive packages, others offer a flat amount.
We want to hear from you as soon as your interview is over. This is the best time to go over everything about the interview while it’s fresh on your mind and we can discuss your level of interest and any concerns. How quickly we hear from you is one way companies gauge your interest. We will relay your feedback to the company and then let you know their thoughts. Sometimes this may take a bit of extra time since they often collaborate.


Speed, Specialization, and Process: Twenty plus years of metals industry specialization gives us the industry knowledge, databases, and inside network of contacts to save clients a considerable amount of time and money. We bring qualified candidates to you quickly and our Placement Process will greatly increase the odds of your offers being accepted.
Many of our searches are confidential. We have built longevity and repeat business by understanding the importance of handling sensitive information in a discreet manner. Please let us know if your search involves special circumstances and we will work accordingly.
With a contingency search, you only pay if you hire a candidate submitted by us. As such, we assume the majority of the financial risk involved. With a retained search, a payment is required to start the search so both parties share the financial risk. Therefore, we are able to allocate more time and resources. Please Contact Us for more details.
Many factors can determine your level of urgency to fill a position. A discussion of your needs will help determine whether a retained or contingency search is the right choice. However, most often, for the first time we partner on a search, we suggest contingency. This allows each of us to determine if partnering in the future will be advantageous.
Our Service Fee structure has remained constant since 1992. Fees for North American placements are 30% of the candidate’s first year’s estimated compensation. International fees are 35%. Clients who have multiple placements within any twelve month period receive a tiered fee reduction based on the number of placements.